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Love the humor; enjoyed the game.  Hope you complete the whole story.

Thank you! I'm currently working on a different game (Intruder in Antiquonia), but I would like to continue with the story of Quantum Derail at some point as well.


Un juego que promete mucho. Dejo por aquí mi reseña y gameplay:


Gracias Ana! Me alegro de que te haya gustado.


I totally forgot to post it here. This game is fun! (except the 40 peanuts gathering part grrr!)


Thank you! The graffiti artist is an in-game help system. You can totally complete the game without using the help. I made it a bit inconvenient to collect the peanuts to discourage using the help system and encourage solving the puzzles in a traditional way.


I indeed realized that some options disappeared because I've already completed those without his help. But I remembered he needed 40 peanuts, so I got them, without realizing I've already completed that task by the time I got 40 peanuts XD